This was one of the best trips I have ever been on. Barcelona has everything you could possibly ask for; it has a variety of museums, churches, parks and also a beach which you can walk to very easily. If don’t like beaches or the city, you can do lots of different sports from football to tennis. I went to one and I think it’s the best place I have ever been they don’t just tell you hit it over there they tell you how to hit it where to hit it , how to move  when you hit the ball and lots more. And the museums are so interesting, they tell you all about what Anthony Gaudi made .He made la PEDRERA and LA CASA BATTALIA and probably the most famous one the SAGRADA FAMILIA, and if you don’t like any of that there is more you could go out of Barcelona on the metro and go to small neighboring towns, they are quite small but really nice and filled with other wonderful stuff to do for example hotels theme parks wonderful beaches really cultural food at restaurants.
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