About Us

My inspiration for "bingbongtravels.com" came from my first blog Bingbong Books which 
was a success because:
- I raised money for my charity www.shelterbox.org.

- I used Agile methodology by making a template based on my first blog Bingbong Books.

- I extended my network with people from different schools in the UK and across the world.

- I also won  the Caldicott STEAM Fair 2018 award and the
Internation 2019 Essay competition with - Honourable Mention.

Because of all the above I was able to expand my company by  adding this blog, through which
I review all the amazing places I have been to and my future travels.

Below is a list of the different places I recommend to you:
  • Table Mountain – South Africa 2013
  • Machu Picchu – Peru 2015
  • Amazon River – Peru 2018
  • Nazca Lines –Becoming the 8th wonder of the world - Peru 2018
  • Christ the Redeemer (statue) – Brazil 2018
  • Acropolis – Greece 2019

The aim of this blog is to help parents and families to have an idea about where they could take their kids for they
next fun and cultural holidays or just to learn about the different interesting places I review and at the same time a way
to help raising money for 'Ruth Strauss Foundation'.

I hope you enjoyed my reviews and I would appreciate if you kindly donate to my selected charity by going to the fundraising page https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/bingbongtravels.


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