MACHU PICCHU - New7Wonders of the World

This is a picture of me sitting next to one of the 7th wonders of the world. The Incas found it, the mountain is 2,430 m tall. The Incas made strong stone  structure that last many years until they evacuated, and now we can see  the remains of their work. 
Up there is a limited amount of air for us to breath.
To go to Machu Picchu there are two options: the most popular one and adventurous one.The first one is known as the Inca Trail. It is a long hike that can last many days and can be very tiring for some, climbing up the steep but beautiful mountains, or you can take the more boring way: The train.
Recently  there have been some problems with this wondrous mountain: due to overcrowding of the mountain, and the high polluted air in the sky where Machu Picchu lays.
I really enjoyed this visit and the trip .


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